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Was updated October 06 / 2021
Dear customers, at the 2021 year the queue and our affairs are as follows:
I remind you that June, July, August - we do not work (or we do it very slowly). Current affairs Рarticular
Until early June
Jetty Order - body only.
Fur received (February 25) and production started.
Readiness 100% (as of April 2)
The page is ready
Delivery completed
"rebbit" Fursuit made for sale.
Readiness 100% (as of June 1st)
The page is ready
Delivery completed
September 18
August and beyond
"rebbit_green" Fur in a warehouse.
In the manufacturing process...
Readiness 100% (as of October 2)
The page is ready
We are waiting
for permission
for delivery
"Master_fox" Fur in a warehouse.
Manufacturing was start.
Spot Fur in a warehouse.
The head is ready (link to the page).
The body will be done after completing the two suits in front of it.
Zakuma Discussion.

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