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Updated January 5 / 2021
Dear customers, at the moment the queue and our affairs are as follows:
I remind you that June, July, August - we do not work (or we do it very slowly). Current affairs Рarticular
Until the end of March
Jetty Fur delivery.
Production immediately upon receipt of furs (high priority)
Spot The render "under fur" for the new shape for head base. The use of "local fur" is stipulated.
End-to-end on schedule, not fast production.
"rebbit" Development of the head base is required for further order confirmation.
Lava We are waiting for the readiness of payment. The material is in stock.
September and beyond
Zakuma Discussion. Parallel delivery of fur for a couple of projects is possible (assistance from a previous customer).

Then let's talk?

Send us your details and we'll get in touch withtin 24 hours (possible except weekends).