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Mastery is when everything turns out as if by itself

Our secret corner

As well as an well creative work, needs to have the well place for work is also important itself. And we work at home, in a place: it was separated and hidden it in a room. It needs not to interfere us by his permanent creative attraction - need to rest separately from the mess of the instrument, pieces of fur and thread.

Our characters
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The two answers to the questions we invented

Where are we and what is our name on the network?

We are a married couple, live in Russia. "Furr Club" is a two wizard: me - "SpaceAlienFox" (or "PrisheLis" -"Has come Fox" thus it sounds in Russian) and my wife - MiaFox. We are both interested in the topic of making "Fursuits", that is, fluffy suits. And we consider this hobby, as a good occasion to go out to the city to participate in its various holidays.

How did you come up with the idea of make Fursuits?

It's simple: it was accidentally found a video from different furcon, and they did their job. There furry characters behave, the playful, the cute - in a general way, it is impossible to look away from them. However, even then mingled with the love of the emotional possibilities of cartoon characters. And, in the summer of 2013 was made first full fursuit of red fox, which participated in the carnival of our city. Positive emotional support residents showed that our fursuits will be live in town. And for several years now we have been doing our Fursuits.

Do you do commissions?

Yes --> price list