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We have been make a fursuits since 2013 , but we have really started to get something good by quality since 2016. We are a couple (married couple) and we work quickly - on average for one suit takes a month and a half. We keep the lowest prices, taking into account the unique features of our suits:
- comfortably fit, like a glove, almost for any width at the waist;
- since our suits are tight on the torso, so we make a large margin in height, which does not interfere, but at any time can be used either for its intended purpose, with large growth, or for a "low waist";
- soft head, like in classic fursuits, but not from foam rubber, but from foamed polyethylene, which does not rot and makes the head freer and cooler inside.

We live in Russia, about here, but shipping still works well anywhere in the world (with rare exceptions).

Every year we make costumes for sale (for cheap sale usually) - just sometimes drop in main page of the site and you won't miss it.

Since 2022 we are not able to work directly with PayPal (Greetings from Russia), so our payment and prepayment options are:
1. EasyStart - a platform for deals, invoices, and secure payments across the globe.
2. Or last resort we have a help a friend with access to PayPal

The shipping cost is now about 130 euros for Europe , and about 250 dollars for the USA - please take this into account when assessing the total cost (updated in 2023)..

The order status is on main page.

Our work examples here

On this, bye! See you!

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Do you have interesting questions?

Send us your questions and we'll get in touch withtin 24 hours (possible except weekends).