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Ari Tej fursuit.
  • Ari The Bobcat, fursuit
  • Ari The Bobcat, fursuit
  • Head and handpaws and feetpaws
  • Head and handpaws and feetpaws
  • Head and handpaws and feetpaws
  • Ari The Bobcat, fursuit
Client: Ari Tej
Owner: lives in Durango, CO.
Year: 2016
A type: Full suit
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Fursuit was made to order. The head of the Thermoflex material, papered inside fleece, with follow eyes. The jaw can be open 180 degrees for easy drying and cleaning head. Language is made of fleece, soft. The nose and teeth are made of polymer clay.
The unitard is made with the Pads (digitigrade). Pillows filled with synthetic padding and they are well-compressed for easy, compact transportation. Pads are attached with Velcro to comfortably shoot their for drying or washing the furoveralls. Enclosing gum for customized fit shape of fursuiter.
Handpaws four fingers with convex padded.
Feetpaws from foam frame, chubby paw pads and have built-in socks (which can be turned inside out) from fleece for comfortable fit and drying, supplemented light sandals.
All the free edge of the artificial fur glued to bend, so that cloth backing is not dissolved.

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