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The second fursuit. Made in 2013.
Redesigned in 2015.
  • Completed - enjoy life :)
  • Wire frame and hostess at work
  • The head is assembled. The case for overalls
  • Making the dummy on ready-made linings
  • pretended to feetpaws.
Year: 2013
Type: Fullsuit
The appearance in your life, someone who will be there forever - a good reason to do... fursuit. This fursuit was made in four hands.. Makes quick, with a desire to hone techniques affecting performance: cutting and the exoskeleton has been simplified. However, all that happened, it suits us (well ... at that time). The head is molded on the frame-wire technology, the bonding nodes on the hot-melt and threads, and shell from dense Thermoflex. The frame was made to the exact size of hostess and because the head does not like to be on another head scale (her friends wear this head can not). The jaw is opened and may be completely removed. Padded tongue may protrude. Ventilation - passive, with the influx through the eyes and holes of ears. Joining parts of fursuit conducted using stationery clips to evenly distribute stresses in the details. Feetpaws planned for the bustle of the streets - because already collected on the basis of the unnecessary sneakers, but enough convenience the resulting, despite relatively large size toony Feetpaws. For three years, they are slightly shabby, but have not lost their claws, and are easily maintainable. In 2015 fursuit "went on the shelf" - we grew out of it :) - needs to be done inserts, and wants. And we can already make more interesting option: you change the shape of the muzzle from the nose and complexity; a little color. In general, we will show more ...

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