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Year: 2018
A type: Full suit

Photo from the owner's the Fursuit.
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
#Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit

Description of construction.
The fursuit's overalls have a large stock in size and tied by textile elastic bands. Thus, it fits on a body as tight glove and at the same time it does not himself exert excessive load when worn. The collar of overalls is hemmed with fleece for reliability.  Multi-size fursuit makes it easier to sell it, if you don’t need it anymore.
Overalls for Oraiste fursuit project #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit Damper of fursuit
Click to enlarge
Stitches and collar of fursuit #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
All the fur's free edges are hemmed and do not stick out.

All the fur's free edges are hemmed and do not stick out #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The shape of full digitigrade's character is set by pads, filled by a synthetic winterizer. Pads are removable by Velcro, they can be washed separately, they are much lighter than pads from foam rubber, they are perfectly compressed during storage and transportation.
Fursuit's Lining #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The head is made of ½ inch polyethylene foam with a steel wire frame (see the section of the site about assembling our fursuits). In contrast to the mask from foam, our design has a smaller area of contact with the head of the fursuiter - it is less hot inside.
Our fursuit's head #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The ears of the mask have a large ventilation's vents.
The ears of the mask have a large ventilation's vents #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The eyes are made of thick white plastic. Drawn with acrylic (mask can be washed). For greater light reflection of the orbit inside pasted over by white fleece. The eye's eру rims are pre-plastered by black fleece.
Eyes of fursuit #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
Eyes of fursuit
The jaw is opens and can be removed. This is useful for quick drying and cleaning the mask from the inside.
Mask of fursuit in the open position #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The fursuit's head consists of several parts with pads, which allowing it to have a multi-dimension.
A tongues are made removable on Velcro.
The mask has separate front and rear aprons with cormans sewn to them.
Removable fan for 12 volts (requires an adapter of 5 to 12 volts to power it from a powerbank USB)
Fursuit's head construction #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The nose is trimmed with fleece with nostril imitation inserts and have an edging from green fleece. The muzzle may have fleece spots.
Nose of fursuit #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
The teeth are made from white fleece and not removable. Lips made from fleece.
A large 3" fan is removable and can move in the mouth to select its comfortable position. The mouth with the fan installed is always slightly open.
Teeth of fursuit's mask #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit Click to enlarge
Teeth of fursuit's mask #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
A tail of a demountable design with fastening from a strong tape for a usual belt. For the tail in the overalls is made a “sleeve” from fur, so that the tail does not look like a separate, hanging piece.
Tail for fursuit #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit #Tail

Paws design

Finished paws have soft voluminous fleece pads and equipped with sandals with rubber sole.  The paws have soft claws made from fleece. Inside the paws there is a fleece sock, which can be turned out for quick drying or cleaning.
Paws design #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
We made multy-size feetpaws - this is have't boots of a certain size inside. The base is made of foam rubber.  For comfort a feetpaws contain a heel and side restraints and have very light in weight.
Paw base design #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit Paw base design
Handpaws have voluminous pads and claws made from fleece - paws with 4-fingered with false "5 finger".
#Handpaws #Oraiste #furr_club #fursuit
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of fursuiter:
comfortable size of Fursuiter
centimeters / inches
comfortable size of Fursuiter
centimeters / inches
59 kg
160 cm
130 lb
110 kg
210 cm
245 lb
1. Height (reserve up to 210cm or 84"). 160 cm 62 ins 190 cm 76 ins
2. Arm length (from shoulder to wrist). 56 cm 22 ins 65 cm 26 ins
3. Torso length (from collar bone to crotch). without restrictions,
since the waist is understated with sufficient margin
4. Leg length (from hip bone to ankle).
5. Foot size (either mens shoe size or measured length). maximum foot length - 29 cm (11" 1/2).
6. Around top part of arm (measure largest part). 32 cm 13 ins 45 cm 18 ins
7. Around bottom part of arm (largest part). 27 cm 11 ins 31 cm 12 ins
8. Around chest (largest part) 95 cm 37 ins 120 cm 54 ins
9. Around waist (smallest part). 78 cm 31 ins 135 cm 46 ins
10. Around hips (largest part). 100 cm 40 ins 120 cm 47 ins
11. Around top part of leg (largest part). without restrictions,
since the linings of the exoskeleton compensates for this size
12. Around bottom part of leg (largest part).
13. Handspan (from tip of thumb to tip of Violetie when spread). 19 cm 8 ins 23 cm 9 ins
14. Around ankle. without restrictions,
since the linings of the exoskeleton compensates for this size
15. Around wrist. 17 cm 7 ins 20 cm 8 ins
16. Around head through the chin. 64 cm 25 ins 70 cm 28 ins

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