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Year: 2020
A type: Full suit

About the sale

This is fursuit is made for sale and has the conditional name of the project - the name will be given by the buyer. All fursona rights go to you once paid so you can do with it whatever you guys want.

Price 1800 euros (2200$). We accept payments via PayPal, will send you an invoice. Please make sure there is no fraud on contact - ask for additional photo or video call to show the suit.
Payment plan is available. All payments are non-refundable. FREE worldwide shipping via EMS Express with a track number. Priority for Europe, as more faster.

Once payment is cleared your order will be shipped withing 7 working days. We have a very high-quality packaging - extensive experience in deliveries.

This suit is made from low density fur and is very suitable for people with poor heat tolerance. Read the detailed description of the costume below.

  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox
  • #Pinkpaws_Fox_fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Pinkpaws Fox

Description of construction.

Jumpsuit design

The jumpsuit have tied by textile elastic bands, thus it fits on a body as glove - tight and at the same time it and fits almost every size of body. Multi-size fursuit makes it easier to sell it, if you don't need it anymore. Depreciation zones are made by sewing in a rubber band - our fursuits has big reserve at the waist and 20" for heights reserve (regarding the growth 5'3"). The "digitigrade's character" shape sets by a light linings, that filled by a synthetic winterizer and make as removable by Velcro. Linings can be washed separately. Our design from light lining are much lighter than pads from foam rubber - it perfectly compressed during storage and transportation, and it not are tire when the suit are wearing.
Overalls for Pinkpaws Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The collar of overalls is hemmed with fleece. The jumpsuit holds perfectly on the shoulders and does not try to anywhere down.
The collar of Pinkpaws Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The collar of Pinkpaws Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The zip has a double fastening (seam) to the fur and has a good hidden - this is achieved by stitching the edges of the fur to inside.
Zip of Pinkpaws Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Overall's collar fursuit #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
All the fur's free edges are hemmed and don't stick out, this is protects the fur's fabric base.
All the fur's free edges are hemmed and do not stick out #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The arms has the cuffed to prevent slipping of the sleeves when the arms are raised up. Accordingly, the "luminous" hands of the fursuiter are not visible between the jumpsuit and handpaws.
Pinkpaws Fox jumpsuit cuff sleeve inside #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Pinkpaws Fox jumpsuit cuff sleeve_inside #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The cushioning zones are made by sewing in an elastic band - our fursuit fits like a glove and universal for any-size of fursuiters.
You can not be afraid to get fat or lose weight - the costume will always good fit you. You may not be afraid of reducing the size by the washings - our costumes have a large supply of width and height. Our fursuits allows to dress it on friend, which is much higher and wider than you, or vice versa, lower and thinner - a costume will be fit perfectly and will give a lot of fun not only to you. Or this allows sell fursuit quicker, as it is suitable for anyone.
The knots of the elastic are pasted over with fleece so that the knots do not loosen over time.
Fursuit's shock_absorber #Pinkpaws Fox #furr_club #fursuit #Foxfursuit

Head design

The head was made of ½ inch polyethylene foam with a steel wire frame (see "BUILD EXAMPLES" on our site). In contrast to the mask from foam rubber, our design has a smaller area of contact with the head of the fursuiter - it is less hot inside, the material does not rot, does not absorb water.
Headbase for fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Headbase for Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Head for fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The fursuit head consists of several parts with linings different sizes for different head sizes. The mask touches the fursuiter head at several points, so sweat is not absorbed into the mask, as in foam structures. The jaw is completely removable- it is convenient for quick drying and cleaning. There is enough space in the mask for wearing glasses. 
Mask of fursuit in the open position #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The eyes are made of thick white plastic and drawn with acrylic (mask full washeble). We paint eyes with acrylic on the banner mesh. The "boxes of eyes" do not have sharp corners, so the joints are not visible. Eyes is pasted over with white fleece from the side of the eyelid - the more reflected light, the whiter and lighter the recessed, following (to the best of its ability) cartoon eye.
Head for fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The fursuit's head is well ventilated through the large holes in the ears. 
Ears of fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Included, big 80mm (3") fan, removable on Velcro, in grilles on both sides. The 12 volt fan has a 5 volt to 12 volt adapter built into the wire, therefore powered by USB-powerbank.
Fan of fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The nose is 3D printed and covered with fleece - a little soft and the color we want. Nose glued along the edge to the mask and sewn with an additional thread to the mask like a button.
Nose of fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The teeth and lips made from fleece:
- upper teeth made of fleece and removable with Velcro;
- lower teeth glued to the jaw.
Teeth of fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
A couple tongue, with Velcro.
Tongue for Pinkpaws Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Tongue for Pinkpaws Fox fursuit project #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
The apron consists of two halves: front and back. It attached to each other with buttons. A couple of large pockets for USB-powerbank, etc. are made on the aprons.
Back apone of fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit
Front apone of fursuit project Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit

Tail design

Detachable tail skinn for easy washing. Fastening from a strong tape for a usual belt. For the tail in the overalls is made a “sleeve” from fur, so that the tail does not look like a separate, hanging piece.
Tail of fursuit Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Tail
Tail sleeve of fursuit Pinkpaws Fox #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Tail
Tail mount for Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #Foxfursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Tail

Paws design

Paws have soft claws made from fleece. Here flat the paw pads, so as not to interfere with a long walk and not quickly wear out. Have the sandals with rubber sole. Inside the paws there is a fleece sock, which can be turned out for quick drying or cleaning. 
Paws design #Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Pinkpaws Fox_feetpaws #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Pinkpaws Fox_feetpaws #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Fleece sock inside. It can be turned out so that the whole structure dries faster.
FeetPaws design #Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Asymmetrically lining of the sneaker inside the base - the plump sneakers stick out to the sides, making it easier "run" for the owner. The same lining does not allow the sneaker to dangle. Also, feetpaws base have the heel made from porous rubber - the heel will not be loaded and you can to walk without fatigue for much longer.
Sandals are made of porous rubber. If from a sports mat, then in two layers. As practice shows, it is a convenient and not difficult thing to assemble.
Feetpaws base design #Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Feetpaws left_right #Pink_Paws_Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Handpaws four-fingered. On the paws voluminous pads and claws made of fleece.
The inside of the fingers is padded to keep the fingers looking plump and not loose on hand.
Paws design of Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Paws design of Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Paws design of Pinkpaws Fox fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
Pinkpaws Fox fursuit
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of fursuiter:
comfortable size of Fursuiter
centimeters / inches
comfortable size of Fursuiter
centimeters / inches
59 kg
160 cm
130 lb
110 kg
210 cm
245 lb
1. Height (reserve up to 210cm or 84"). 160 cm 62 ins 190 cm 76 ins
2. Arm length (from shoulder to wrist). 56 cm 22 ins 65 cm 26 ins
3. Torso length (from collar bone to crotch). without restrictions,
since the waist is understated with sufficient margin
4. Leg length (from hip bone to ankle).
5. Foot size (either mens shoe size or measured length). maximum foot length - 29 cm (11" 1/2).
6. Around top part of arm (measure largest part). 32 cm 13 ins 45 cm 18 ins
7. Around bottom part of arm (largest part). 27 cm 11 ins 31 cm 12 ins
8. Around chest (largest part) 95 cm 37 ins 120 cm 54 ins
9. Around waist (smallest part). 78 cm 31 ins 135 cm 46 ins
10. Around hips (largest part). 100 cm 40 ins 120 cm 47 ins
11. Around top part of leg (largest part). without restrictions,
since the linings of the exoskeleton compensates for this size
12. Around bottom part of leg (largest part).
13. Handspan (from tip of thumb to tip of Violetie when spread). 19 cm 8 ins 23 cm 9 ins
14. Around ankle. without restrictions,
since the linings of the exoskeleton compensates for this size
15. Around wrist. 17 cm 7 ins 20 cm 8 ins
16. Around head through the chin. 64 cm 25 ins 70 cm 28 ins

This page will help to make the right measurements.

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