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Year: 2024
A type: Full suit
Has been sold and named Rangi. In Germany from April 2024.
  • Our fursuits have their own "know-how" and fit like a glove. It are universal size for fursuiters of almost any height and width at the waist (it is possible to sew in an additional stretch zone for very "beer tummies").
  • You can not be afraid to get fat or lose weight - the suit will always fit you.
  • You don't have to be afraid of shrinking the size of the suit after washing it - our suits have a large margin in width and height.
  • Our fursuits allow you to wear it for your friends, who can be much taller and wider than you, or vice versa shorter and thinner
    - everything will fit perfectly and it so, will bring a lot of pleasure not only to you.
  • You can also use cold accumulators in a special vest - the overalls will be guaranteed to be worn over this.
  • The combination is well compressed by a vacuum bag, as it contains synthetic padding of the exoskeleton, and not foam rubber - so, it requires minimal storage space.

  • Photoset

    The photoset is carried out with high-quality medical overalls on the whole body, plus a balaclava, for 15~20 minutes by time - there is practically no contact between the suit and the "model" (how it looks - this photo separately, on request).

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    • #furr_club #fursuit #Blue dog fursuit
    • #furr_club #fursuit #Blue dog fursuit
    • #furr_club #fursuit #Blue dog fursuit
    • #furr_club #fursuit #Blue dog fursuit
    • #furr_club #fursuit #Blue dog fursuit

    Description of fursuit's design.


    Textile elastic bands are sewn into the jumpsuit, so it sits on the body like a glove: tight and at the same time suitable for almost any body size (within reason). Cushioning zones give a large margin at the waist and unload the fur from heavy loads. The digitigrade's shape is created by a light exoskeleton linings filled synthetic winterizer. It removable Velcro lining, i.e. the linings can be washed separately. Our construction is much lighter than exoskeleton pads from foam rubber, it compresses perfectly during storage and transportation, and also does not tire with its weight when wearing the fursuit.
    Overalls for Rangi the dog fursuit project #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    The collar of the jumpsuit is sheathed with fleece - the suit keeps perfectly on the shoulders and does not try to fall anywhere.
    Zip of Rangi the dog fursuit project #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    The zipper has a double fastening to the fur (a pair of longitudinal seams) and is well hidden. This is achieved by hemming the edges of the fur inward.
    Overall's collar fursuit #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    All free edges of a fur are hemmed, which protects the edges from unraveling of a fabric base.
    All the fur's free edges are hemmed and do not stick out #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    To prevent the sleeves from slipping when the arms are raised, cuffs are sewn on them. Accordingly, between the overalls and the paws, the “luminous” hands of the fursuiter are not visible. Furpaws coats are sewn with a certain margin in length - if necessary, it can be cut to the specific length required (used high-quality fur - mink, which can withstand wearing even without hemming the edges).
    Blue dog fursuit jumpsuit cuff sleeve inside #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    Cushioning zones are formed by sewing in an elastic band, so that our fursuit fits snugly, like a glove and is universal for fursuiters of different sizes and width. Thus, you can not be afraid to gain weight or lose weight, because the suit will always fit you. No need to be afraid of size reduction due to washing - our suits have a large margin of width and height. Our fur suits allow you to wear it, for example, on a friend who is much taller and wider than you, or vice versa, lower and thinner - the suit will fit perfectly and will bring a lot of pleasure not only to you. The knots of textile elastic bands are glued with fleece so that over time these knots do not untie.
    Fursuit's shock_absorber #Blue dog fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit


    The base of the head is made of dense polyethylene foam 1/4 inch (~1 cm) thick, with a steel, stainless wire frame (see section «BUILD EXAMPLES» on our website). Unlike a mask made of foam rubber, our design has a smaller contact area with the head of the fursuiter, it is less hot inside, this material does not rot, does not absorb moisture.
    Headbase for fursuit project Dog 2022 #furr_club #fursuit
    Headbase for fursuit project Dog 2022 #furr_club #fursuit
    Headbase for Rangi the dog fursuit project #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    Headbase for fursuit project Dog 2022 #furr_club #fursuit

    Video (no sound)

    The fursuit head consists of several parts with internal pads of different sizes for different fursuit head sizes. The mask touches the fursuiter's head at several points, so sweat is not absorbed into the mask as intensively as in foam constructions (in general, when the fan is running, mask is cooler than without mask). The material of the mask does not absorb moisture at all!

    The jaw can be easily removed completely, which is convenient for quick drying and cleaning - the fastening is reliable and simple, and no any bolts, nothing for lose. There is enough space in the mask to wear goggles.

    You can keep the jaw in his place, and leave it fully open (180 degrees) for quick drying. The mask is completely washable.

    The apron consists of two halves: the front (under the jaw) and the back (actually - the head itself). They are attached to each other with buttons. There are a couple of large pockets on the aprons - for a smartphone, USB-cans and something else that is not very bulky.
    Mask of fursuit completely disassembled #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    Mask of fursuit in the open position #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    The follow eyes are made of sheet white plastic. The transparent part is printed on a perforated banner and raised (tinted) with acrylic. "Eye boxes" do not have sharp corners in visible places, so the joints are not visible (they are hidden in the corners of the eyes).
    Head for fursuit project Blue dog fursuit #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    The nose is soft, made of the base material of the mask, and covered with fleece. With large through nostrils.
    Nose of fursuit project Blue dog fursuit #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    The teeth (as well as the lips) are made of fleece:
    - upper teeth - removable, with Velcro;
    - the lower teeth are glued to the jaw (remember that it can be easily removed from the mask for washing).
    Tongue for Rangi the dog fursuit project #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    There is a removable fan with a built-in converter from 5 to 12 volts, i.e. Power is provided from any USB - power bank, which fits into an apron pocket. The fan is held in place by a resting on the sides in the mouth. When the FUN is in his place, the mouth of the mask stays ajar and your jaw can rest from having to be constantly open for free breathing.
    Removable fun #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit
    The head of the fursuit is perfectly ventilated through large holes in the ears - it is cooler inside the mask than without it (when the fan is on).
    Ears of fursuit project Tiaki #Blue dog fursuitfursuit #furr_club #fursuit


    The dog's tail is made into a ring. It has a removable fur skin for more convenient washing. A very strong mount is attached to the base of the tail, from a textile tape, under a regular belt.
    Tail of fursuit Blue dog fursuit #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Tail
    For the tail in overalls, a sleeve of fur was made for a smooth transition - this is so that the tail does not look like a separate hanging piece. It is better to insert the tail into this sleeve in advance before putting on the jumpsuit.
    Tail sleeve of fursuit Blue dog fursuit #Blue dog fursuit_project-fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Tail


    On the paws there are soft fleece claws filled with padding synthetic winterizer. Paw pads are dense and voluminous. Comes with sandals with rubber soles.
    Paws design #Rangi the dog fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
    Blue dog fursuit_feetpaws #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
    Inside the paws is a fleece sock that can be turned outside for quick drying or cleaning.
    FeetPaws design #Rangi the dog fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
    The tarsi are four-fingered with a false fifth toe. To make the fingers look plump and not dangle in the hand, the inside of each finger has its own soft lining. Fleece pads are densely filled with padding polyester.
    Paws design of Blue dog fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
    Paws design of Blue dog fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
    Paws design of Blue dog fursuit #furr_club #fursuit #Paws
    Blue dog fursuit

    Fursuit's dimensions
    Dimensions of
    minimal size
    of fursuiter
    centimeters / inches
    maximum size
    of fursuiter (+ for may more size)
    centimeters / inches
    59 kg
    160 cm
    130 lb
    110 kg
    210 cm
    245 lb
    1. Growth (stock up to 210cm or 84"). 160 cm 62 ins 190 cm 76 ins
    2. Arm length (shoulder to wrist). 56 cm 22 ins до 75 cm up to 30 ins
    3.Body length (clavicle to crotch). without limitation
    as the waist is understated with a sufficient margin
    4. Leg length (from hip to ankle).
    5. Foot size maximum leg size - 32 cm (13").
    6. Around the top of the shoulder (the largest part). 32 cm 13 ins 45 cm 18 ins
    7. Around the lower part of the arm (most). 27 cm 11 ins 31+ cm 12+ ins
    8. Around the chest (at the widest part). 95 cm 37 ins 120++ cm 54++ ins
    9. Around the waist (at the narrowest part). 78 cm 31 ins 135+++ cm 46+++ ins
    10. Around the hips (in the largest part). 100 cm 40 ins 120++ cm 47++ ins
    11. Around the top of the leg (largest part). no limit,
    since the exoskeleton pads compensate for the size
    12. Around the bottom of the leg (largest part).
    13. The width of the palm (from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger when they are extended). 19 cm 8 ins 25+ cm 10+ ins
    14. Around the ankle. no limit,
    since the exoskeleton pads compensate for this size
    15. Around the wrist. 17 cm 7 ins 20+ cm 8+ ins
    16. Around the head through the chin. 64 cm 25 ins 70+ cm 28+ ins
    This page will help you take the correct measurements.


    Send it and we will contact you... someday, bc we usually bussy by work,

    except moment when we selling a ready-made suit, then a respond will be quickly.
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