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Experiment - a method of "papier-mache" and ears that can steal...
  • Ears, sprouting through clothes...
  • The method, which is suitable for almost all
Client: for myself
Год: 2014
Тип: Partial
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The appearance of realistic masks fursuit be willing to try, how to do it in case of need. For a realistic mask desired thin, almost fitting head cover, and the easiest way to get it: modeling template and pasting it on the brown-paper on the glue layer, followed by impregnating the epoxy composition. For additional strength was added layer of normal tissue. Jaw opens with the already classic fixture on the metal hangers for cabinets and shock absorber on a spring. Jaw opens and fixed as in classic designs for a Realistic Masks - on metal hangers for cabinets and shock absorber on a springs. On the mask have been tried "realistic eye tracking" simple design - a glass Costume jewelery cabochon (round, 35 mm) glued to the concave portion of the cut plastic palettes are available in most stores for stationery and school supplies. Acrylic, on the concave part of the palette, painted eyes. Ears ... like to have more freedom to emotional expressions of our masks, because the ears, in the end, made removable - on neodymium magnets from the already broken HDD. The usefulness of this decision before the end turned out to be misunderstood - the ears of the magnet with such force that they were not a hindrance thick cloth. As a result, the application of their provisions were a lot more than originally planned - it turned out they can be helpful mounted separately from the fursuit, for example on hats, etc. In general, this experiment gave a lot of interesting things. He have been completed yet to Partial and sometimes worn - if the bag is not accommodates something bigger and somewhere it is necessary furfluffed with friends...

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