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Bumblecat fursuit.
  • Bumblecat, fursuit
  • Yellow Cat, fursuit
  • Conceived reference
  • Making the head
  • The head is almost ready, unlike handpaws
  • Wide opening jaws
  • Rear view - form defined pads.
  • Front view - form defined pads.
  • The whole kit and maximum dimensions Fursuter
  • Feetpaws, sandals, and a ponytail
  • #
  • See you!
Year: 2015
A type: Full suit
Fursuite "HuggingCat" (Now perhaps he will be called Bumblecat!) was conceived for the for free sale, and furs stored up defined his color.
The head from Thermoflex material fully glued inside black tissue. Mouth can be detached from the locking tabs and open up to 180 degrees, which is convenient for easy access inside to clean, quickly dry or mount it to something new. Eye is tracking, cartoony and draw by a fluorescent dye. The nose from pink FIMO plastic.
The overalls is made in view of our favorite anthropomorphic forms - very volumetric, with lots of inserts filled with synthetic padding. Sintepon is highly compressible, unlike foam rubber, therefore, as a whole, he takes up little space in a packed condition. Linings complex shape (not flat) and removable, that allows you to erase suit separately from them. The castle is located on the side and is hidden junction of two different colors of fur. Coverall has been trimmed for a neat appearance.
Four-fingers handpaws, with volumetric pads, with plenty of length, which is easily to hidden under a sleeve jumpsuit. Feetpaws made on foam rubber carcass is so, which allows not to think too much about the size of your foot. Inside, they are covered with black fleece and have a lacing behind. The sole is soft, with a stylized paw print. To be able to go into them on the street, in the kit are sandals made of solid polypropylene.
Tail to sew with battened down the tip, and is filled with synthetic padding.
Height fursuter for our yellow cat can be from 60 to 71 inch. Other important maximum dimensions indicated in the figure of presentation.

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