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Project of fursuit "nIce Dog"
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  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
  • #nIce_dog #furr_club #fursuit
Description of manufacture is here.
The style  cartoon costume of dog, digitigrade.
Linings removable by Velcro, filling by padding polyester.
Jaw opens, with the possibility of rapid dismantling. Shock absorber - textile band with velcro fastening.
Head from polyethylene foam out on a steel frame, inside pasting by fleece. Mask consists of a multipart. There are:
removable jaw, is easy to clean, to dry and assemble parts;
3" fan, removable, powered from usb power bank;
removable and replaceable tongues, different lengths and colors;
removable pads for different sizes of heads (mainly for the jaw);
A pocket inside a jumpsuit for USB-powerbank;
textile Velcro for wires of fan.
Eyes "tracking"; plastic three millimeters thick; eyes painted with acrylic on banner grid.
Zip at the center of the overalls (the free edges of the fur are glued inward), the tongue of the zip - is outward.
Feetpaws with a soft sole and pads (for photo sessions).
For the street walk sandals are made .
Design of furpaws - is foam frame, which no parts of ordinary shoes. Inside it have the fleece sock, which can be turned out for cleaning or quick drying.
Tongues soft, voluminous, from fleece. Removable - on Velcro.
Nose soft (it is part of the mask); it is covered with a black fleece with the allocation of colored nostrils.
Teeth soft, from white fleece.

Size Dimensions of fursuiter: Ideal minimum size
(I.e., even less, within 10%)
maximum, but comfortable the size 
59 kg
160 cm
130 lb
110 kg
190 см
245 lb
centimeters inches centimeters inches
1 Height. 160 cm 62 ins 190 cm 76 ins
2 Arm length (from shoulder to wrist). 56 cm 22 ins 65 cm 26 ins
3 Torso length (from collar bone to crotch). without restrictions, since the waist is understated with sufficient margin
4 Leg length (from hip bone to ankle).
5 Foot size (either mens shoe size or measured length). 26 cm 10 ins 32 cm 13 ins
6 Around top part of arm (measure largest part). 32 cm 13 ins 45 cm 18 ins
7 Around bottom part of arm (largest part). 27 cm 11 ins 31 cm 12 ins
8 Around chest (largest part) 95 cm 37 ins 120 cm 47 ins
9 Around waist (smallest part). 78 cm 31 ins 115 cm 46 ins
10 Around hips (largest part). 100 cm 40 ins 120 cm 47 ins
11 Around top part of leg (largest part). without restrictions, since the linings of the exoskeleton compensates for this size
12 Around bottom part of leg (largest part).
13 Handspan (from tip of thumb to tip of pinkie when spread). 19 cm 8 ins 23 cm 9 ins
14 Around ankle. without restrictions, since the linings of the exoskeleton compensates for this size
15 Around wrist. 17 cm 7 ins 20 cm 8 ins
16 Around head through the chin. 64 cm 25 ins 70 cm 28 ins


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