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By commissioning me you agree to the following terms and conditions listed below.

Terms of service is subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I'll do my best to respond within two business days.

Sales To Minors

To purchase a suit or parts from FurR.club clients must be at least 18 years old.


FurR.club only accepts Paypal unless exceptions are made. FurR.club is not responsible for lost payments.
Payments must be completed before the products is sent to the commissioner.
Refunds are not given once you have purchased a product from FurR.club. Commission queue spots/reservations are the equivalent of a product. Once payments have been made or started refunds may not be given; regardless of materials gathered or progress made. Please keep in mind that by commissioning FurR.club we are agreeing to a commitment that must be seen through to completion. If you wish to sell or auction the commission once it's completed feel free to do so as an alternative to refunding.

If a payment is not made by the scheduled due date a late fee will be added to the original invoice:
  • 2 weeks late: $20.00
  • 3+ weeks late: $30.00

A responsibility

FurR.club is liable to cancel and refund anyone's commissions as they see fit in the case of harassing, unnecessary nagging or crude behavior. Your deposit (as a rule, it is 25% from the commissions) will not be refunded and any additional resources used such as labor, time or materials will be deducted from the refunded amount. FurR.club retains the right to alter the original design provided to complete the commission to sell or auction the commission once it's completed.

Shipping Packages / Lost Packages / Shipping & Handling Charges

FurR.club uses each buyer's authorized Paypal Address as there shipping address, FurR.club is not responsible for any packages sent to the wrong address. Please be sure your paypal address is the desired address, or the correct address is included in the payment notes. FurR.club requires that the commissioner cover all shipping and handling fees or charges unless otherwise stated. Shipping insurance: we make the return of payment in case of loss of the parcel on Russian territory, except for shipping costs (60~100$). And return of payment 50% if it happened on the recipient’s territory. This is the only thing we can offer as insurance.


Every item includes a 3 month limited warranty in which repairs and replacements will be made for free (not including shipping charges) that covers craftsmanship and materials. The Warranty does not cover items under the following categories:

  • - Items that have been used improperly, or abused;
  • - Items not covered by shipping insurance and arrive damaged;
  • - Items that have been altered in any way.

Health & Safety

FurR.club is not responsible for any injuries or deaths involving our Suits. Each client should be aware of the risk of heat stroke, and/or accidents from loss of vision quality. Clients should always have a spotter who can guide and watch them. Please keep yourself healthy and know your limits, have plenty of hydrating drinks available and stay cool!

After You receive your commission

FurR.club reserves the right to post final product photos & videos. The commissioner is free to post photos of their suit as they see fit. Credit to FurR.club would be greatly appreciated, but not required.

Do you have interesting questions?

Send us your questions and we'll get in touch withtin 24 hours (possible except weekends).