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A thick fur version of the Tiaki's fursuit. Readiness 70% (for July 9, 2024).
Plan to finish in early August.

Three Dogy fursuits of different colors. For auction.
The fur is already in stock. Medium density fur - suitable for those who cannot stand the heat.
I plan to do all at the same time starting in September.
The production time is estimated to be three months.

In the process of making dogy fursuits, it is planned to deliver fur for the costume to order - I’ll sort this out in August. I remember all the negotiations on orders - don't worry about.

Typical sizes of our fursuits.

The size of our suits is very flexible (you can find out more about this here). And this allows:
  • a fursuit have their own "know-how" and fit like a glove - it are universal size for fursuiters of almost any height and width at the waist (it is possible to sew in an additional stretch zone for very "beer tummies").
  • you can not be afraid to get fat or lose weight - a suit will always fit you.
  • you don't have to be afraid of shrinking the size of a suit after washing it - a suit have a large margin in width and height.
  • a fursuit may to wear your friends, who can be much taller and wider than you, or vice versa shorter and thinner - everything will fit perfectly and it so, will bring a lot of pleasure not only to you.
  • You can also use cold accumulators in a special vest - a overalls will be guaranteed to be worn over this.
  • The combination is well compressed by a vacuum bag, as it contains synthetic padding of the exoskeleton, and not foam rubber - so, it requires minimal storage space.

  • minimal size, centimeters / inches
    (in brackets - this is possible pre-sale correction)
    maximum size
    centimeters / inches
    1. Growth (stock up to 205 cm / 6' 9"). min 170 cm
    (165 cm)
    min 5' 7"
    (5' 5")
    up to 205 cm up to 6' 9"
    2. Arm length (shoulder to wrist). limited by maximum size -
    the cuff keeps a sleeve on
    a arm as it will be convenient.
    up to 70 cm up to 27 ins
    3.Body length (clavicle to crotch). limited by maximum size. up to 92 cm up to 36 in
    4. Leg length (from hip to ankle). limited by maximum size. up to 90 cm up to 35 in
    5. Foot size limited by maximum size.
    (I will made padding to the feetpaws if small feet)
    up to 32 cm up to 13 in
    6. Around the top of the shoulder (the largest part). limited by maximum size. up to 36 cm up to 14 in
    7. Around the lower part of the arm. limited by maximum size. up to 34 cm up to 13 in
    8. Around the chest (at the widest part). min 95 cm (70 cm) min 37 in (26 in) 120 cm up to 47 in
    9. Around the waist (at the narrowest part). min 78 cm (74 cm) min 31 in (29 in) 120 cm up to 47 in
    10. Around the hips (in the largest part). limited by maximum size (if you remove the pads) up to 120 cm
    up to 47 in
    11. Around the top of the leg (largest part). no limited up to 74 cm
    up to 30 in
    12. Around the bottom of the leg (largest part). no limited up to 52 cm
    up to 21 in
    13. The width of the palm
    (from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger when they are extended).
    no limited up to 25 cm
    up to 10 in
    14. Around the ankle. no limited
    up to 50 cm
    up to 20 in
    15. Around the wrist. no limited
    up to 33 cm
    up to 13 ins
    16. Around the head through the chin.
    (this size is adjusted by
    the position of the pads inside the mask)
    min 62 cm min 24 ins up to 78 cm 31 ins


    Send it and we will contact you... someday, bc we usually bussy by work,

    except moment when we selling a ready-made suit, then a respond will be quickly.
    You can contact me by the old-fashioned way - this is to write to the email address: >


    and also:
    Telegram, Twitter, Boosty
    , Facebook, Instagram.