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Commissions status - CLOSED
So, hello! :) We are 'furr.club' and we are fursuits makers! On this site you will find information
- about our completed fursuits - portfolio,
- about how we make a fursuits,
- and about estimate price for a fursuits.

Our fursuits universal for fursuiters of any size:

Our fursuits have the "know-how" - it fits like a glove and universal for fursuiters of any size.

You can not be afraid to get fat or lose weight - costume will be fits for you always.

You may not be afraid of reducing the size after washings - our costumes have a large supply of width and height.

Our fursuits allows to dress it on your friend, which is much higher and wider than you, or conversely, lower and thinner - so our fursuits will be fit perfectly and will give a lot of fun not only to you.

Universal size of fursuit allows sell fursuit quicker, as it is suitable for anyone.

And we don't need a "scotch doll" to guess the size of a fursuiter for the manufacture, we begin to manufacture immediately upon delivery of the fur.

Do you have interesting questions?

Send us your questions and we'll get in touch withtin 24 hours (possible except weekends).