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So, hello! :) We are 'furr.club' and we are fursuits makers! On this site you will find information about our completed fursuits and about how we make a fursuits.

Our fursuits fit like a glove to different builds in waist and height. And this means that you can not be afraid:

- get fat or lose weight - the suit will always fit;

- shrinkage of the suit after washing - it has a large margin in width and height.

Our fursuits allow you to wear it on your friends, who can be much taller and wider than you, or vice versa shorter and thinner. Everything will sit perfectly and will bring a lot of pleasure not only to you.

And we don't need a "doll" to know the size of the costume's future owner. Shoe size is also not fixed.

Do you have interesting questions?

Send us your questions and we'll get in touch withtin 24 hours (possible except weekends).